Neviso offers comprehensive IT outsourcing services for organisations. By thoroughly mapping your requirements, we can ensure that you get everything you need without paying extra for unnecessary features.

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You can ask for a quote on a particular service or get a needs assessment. We can help you build a new system or develop and maintain an existing one.

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Customer stories

Suomen lämpöpuu Oy

Neviso's enterprise resource planning system lets us easily track purchases, production, sales and dispatches. Production orders are made based on sales orders and inventory requirements, and inventory lots that have been put into production are tracked and work phases are managed. Information can be saved in such a way that products that have been delivered to customers can be traced down to the delivery lot their raw materials came from.

- Juha Palonen, Managing Director

Norsk Protein

Currently cadaver collection is planned using Neviso ABP Logistics Software, taking in most of the pickup orders via web portal and the rest via phone. Our customers have access to needed commercial documents and pickup history via the web portal. Truck drivers receive planned routes digitally and the collection process can be monitored online. With Neviso solution we have improved our efficiency and acquired control of the whole logistics chain, which enables us to further optimize our logistics structure. The next step is to start using Neviso software also in slaughterhouse by-product collection and factory reception. Co-operation has been direct and easy, and the customer service has been prompt and excellent."

- Daniel Kjæreng, Project Manager, Norsk Protein Ltd.