Neviso produces IT services with professionalism and dependability to meet the needs of different companies and organisations. By outsourcing your IT services, you save time, effort and money!

IT services as a package or tailored to your needs

In Neviso's range of IT services, you will find datacentre services and IT upkeep which, in turn, can include service desk, backup and Office 365 subscription services.

It is best to ensure IT services are fully functional as soon as operations are started or digitised. When professional IT support, GDPR-compliant backups and other software are in order, the risk of data being lost due to hardware failure, human error and other causes can be minimised.

We are not satisfied with putting out fires; we provide directions for building fireproof IT environments from the very beginning. An environment that has been designed by a professional can be guaranteed to be secure and functional.

Of course, we also do not leave our customers to fend for themselves after software and hardware have been installed. Instead, we offer services for maintaining and developing systems into the future, as well.

Neviso?s IT services can be purchased as ready packages or tailored solutions that are shaped to your requirements. This means that you won?t have to pay for functionality you don?t use.

Outsource your IT services and sleep well knowing we are taking care of it!

What happens if a laptop is stolen or it breaks down? What should you do when your office's number of employees grows for the duration of summer, but you Office licence only covers the number of permanent employees? How to move forward when a new employee needs to be trained on your enterprise resource planning system during the busiest time of the year?

The answer is outsourced IT services! They can be much more than just an outsourced support person. Reliable cloud and backup systems ensure peace of mind, as important files and whole server databases are guaranteed to survive hardware failures and other harmful events.

Additionally, by renting your software you ensure that you always have the number of individual installations you need. Our IT support is always on hand if you have problems or need instructions on using new software or doing anything else.

Our support and maintenance service can include a place for your website, email, server hosting and upkeep and development of IT environments.

Read more about Neviso's IT services on the page of each individual service. Contact us - we will map your requirements and solve your IT problems before they even occur!