Software service

Neviso's software service produces software and solutions that can't be found off the shelf. It can elevate the digitisation of your company's activities to a whole new level.

Software service - applications for management of different operations

We deliver applications for production and inventory management systems, enterprise resource planning, logistics management, traceability management, invoicing, accounting, working hours monitoring and much more. We also implement integrations with logistics, public sector and other interfaces.

An excellent example of a highly successful Neviso product is our ABP logistics and production management system. You can learn more about our other software service projects on the Projects page.

Systems that were developed for earlier projects are available to be adapted to other fields as well, but Neviso's software service is more than happy to build the product you need from scratch if necessary. Everything is done according to the needs of the customer.

Web implementation

We produce stylish and functional websites, portals and various intranet and extranet solutions for our customers. We offer easy-to-maintain solutions in which customers can implement smaller updates themselves if they so wish.

The professional designers of Neviso's software service take into account the usability of websites and different systems on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones alike.

Cloud services and on-premises installation

In addition to design, we also install the software we produce and any devices they require on site and instruct on their use. Our service doesn?t end at installation, far from it.

Our software service can also include the running and maintenance of the software either as a cloud service from Neviso's datacentre or on the customer?s own servers. The advantages of a cloud service are savings in start-up costs, flexibility and ease of use.

Examples of systems we have implemented

Our software service?s products can be adapted to meet the needs of new users. We take into account the individual needs of each operating environment. By clicking on the headers, you can view detailed descriptions of each example.

Enterprise resource planning for the wood-processing industry

We produced the TraCERP enterprise resource planning system to meet the needs of the wood-processing industry. It allows for the tracking of inventory balance in real time, managing purchasing and production, tracing production history and many other functions.

Logistics and production management system

Our logistics and production management system, ABP, is designed to meet the requirements of handling animal by-products. It can be adapted to the management of transporting and storing other quickly spoiling goods and products that require special handling.

Operation management system for car wash chains

Neviso produced an operation management system for a car wash chain that works on a self-service principle. The technology developed for the system can be adapted to managing other self-service facilities. The customer can reserve the space for their own use and pay for the service on a webstore or other such platform.

Enterprise resource planning system for an accounting firm

One good example of Neviso's office systems is this enterprise resource planning system for accounting firms. The system supports the organisation of work and provides ways to save time and improve the quality of outputs. The system can be adapted to other environments where tasks are assigned to different users from a centralised source.

Enterprise resource planning system for a potato processing plant

This system eases the resource planning of the plant from storage to delivery. It can be adapted to the needs of other food processing businesses who purchase raw products in batches from different sources and produce to order.

Accounting software for a grain receiver

The accounting software developed by Neviso for a linseed cultivation plant has significantly eased the plant's operations. The software includes an extranet solution through which contract growers can track their own deliveries. It can be applied to other purposes, as well.

Quality database and accounting system for the potato starch industry

This is a diverse quality database. It collects information from various sources, such as growers accounting solutions, and helps production facilities analyse their cultivation methods and harvest quantities. The system also allows growers to track their own operations and to manage the pricing of batches purchased by production facilities and track their invoicing.